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As humble as he is, Dhawal Tandon is one of the eccentric Music Producers in the entertainment industry. His ability to dive into the pool of emotions and fish the pulse of any film helps him compose perfection in the purest form of elegance.

He is a music composer/ producer based out of Mumbai. He comes from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow and while he grew up, he grew stronger in understanding and learning Indian Classical Music since the age of six that adds a whole new dimension to his approach in music.

He was trained under rewound professionals like the ghazal ustad Yugantar Sindoor as his ghanda bandha shishya for over five years and ace-producer Sameer Uddin in Mumbai as assistant for more than seven years filled with tones of Commercials and feature films’ scores.

Since the birth of Arpeggio Studios in 2019, he pocketed large number of commercials and short films. His harmonious set of skills be it instruments or music theory or hardware synthesizers in classical as well as western land of music makes him versatile. He has a close knit team of very accomplished instrumentalists and artists which means he doesn't restrict himself to a specific genre and is always ready to shuffle territories.


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